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The Sixth Annual Chanukahstravaganza: Now As Much As Ever

December 22, 2022, 8 pm.

Lana Schwartz and Ilana Michelle Rubin are two Jewish (you might have guessed), native New Yorkers who always get pretty lonely around the holiday season. For the sixth year in a row, they’ve invited some of the funniest Jewish comedians in New York City (where else?) to help them celebrate the Miracle of Lights: Chanukah. Hannukah. Hanukah. However you choose to spell it. There will be songs, there will be laughter, there will be surprises, and you know there will be gelt. Lots of gelt. Tons of it.

This is not a Christmas show. This isn’t even a holiday show. This is a Chanukah show. People of all faiths are, of course, welcome.


Brandon Follick (@follickacid)
Jess Salomon (@jess_salomon)
Alon Elian (@this_is_alon)
Rebecca Weiser (@rebweis)
Charlie Bardey (@chunkbardey)
Anna Suzuki (@helloannasuzuki)


635 Sackett St
Brooklyn, NY 11217 United States

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