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Nothing But Thunder

August 15, 2022, 8 am5 pm.
$18 (plus handling fees)
Kenny Wade Marshall -L as Prosymnus and Spencer Gonzales -R as Dionysus – Nothing but Thunder

Theater for the New City, (Crystal Field, Artistic Director), Presents:

Nothing but Thunder
a new play by Duncan Pflaster


September 8th through September 18th

preferred press dates September 8th at 9pm, September 10th at 8pm, September 11th at 5pm



In Ancient Greece, a young and arrogant Dionysus is tasked by Zeus with rescuing his mother Semele from Tartarus; if he succeeds, he will be elevated to Olympus with the other gods. With his slave Xanthias, he goes on a Queer adventure that will humble him greatly. Inspired by Suppressed Mythology and the Ridiculous Theatre style of Charles Ludlam.

Nothing but Thunder contains nudity, sexuality, coarse language, and verse drama, and is not suitable for children.

Cast: Matt Biagini* (The Enlightenment of Mr. Mole), Katrina Dykstra, Spencer Gonzalez, Eric Hedlund (The Douchegirl Play (Better Name Pending)), Olivia Kinter (Search Party), Kenny Wade Marshall* (Pirates of Penzance Live-on-Deck), and Alyssa Simon* (The Underpants Godot, The Marriage of Alice B. Toklas).
* indicates member of Actors’ Equity Association. An Equity-approved Showcase.

Cross-Eyed Bear Productions is partnering with Yondr for this production; all phones will be secured in Yondr pouches before the performance in order to protect the actors and keep nudity and sex scenes from being leaked. This is the first time Yondr has partnered with a production this size.