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Loc Fest NYC

September 9, noon8 pm.
$ 30 - $60

Loc Fest is a celebration of the Loc’d (Dreadlocks) hair and the flourishing of Loc’d culture globally.

In solidarity with the natural hair movement, Loc Fest focuses on supporting and nurturing people of the African diaspora to acknowledge, embrace, and enjoy the natural and unique characteristics of their Loc’d, kinky, curly natural hair texture and styles.

Loc Fest aims to raise awareness about hair discrimination and dispel the stereotypes associated with Loc’d and natural hair by celebrating its beauty with a Loc’d hair and fashion show, cultural performances and much more!

This annual festival honors the beauty of Loc’d and natural hair, celebrates loc culture, and foster community connections in the greater New York City area.

Loc Fest connects participants with educational, health and hair resources, community leaders and wellness advocates and local businesses from the greater NYC area.

Loc Fest is a space of rest, healing and acceptance for natural hair wearers.  This festival fosters self-awareness, encourages self-confidence and self-care, sustainable living, honors culture and freedom!

​Join us as we celebrate culture, strength, and comm-UNITY with everyone at Loc Fest.