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January should be the Month Of Compassion

January 1.
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God uses Broken women to help other Broken women heal. I am a women was broken by trauma and put back together by the love of my Savior.  A mother, A daughter, A Chaplain, and a woman on a mission to bring change, hope, love and healing.  Filled with empathy and Compassion and above all determination. My team is comprised of likeminded Mothers and Daughters who have risen from adversity and come out leaders who are determined to change the lives of others

Request for Proclamation Declaring January the Month Of Compassion:


My name is Liliana.  I run a grass roots program for women coming out of Incarceration, Domestic Violence and Other Trauma.   The mission is to help these women feel beautiful and worthy despite the stigmas.   You can find out more on www.beautyfortheirashes.org   We also have a cosmetics brand. Compassion Cosmetics where Beauty meets second chances.  www.compassioncosmetics.com


On January 1st we will be doing a Billboard promo in times square to honor these mothers and Daughters. We would love to have January declared as the Month of Compassion.


I am the person who is making the Request  Liliana Maria


[email protected]


The Date of the EVENT is Jan 1 and the Billboard will Run for 22 hours.


The Address will be  1567 Broadway New York, NYC




1567 Broadway
Bronx, NY 10036 United States

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