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FORBIDDEN FROOTS Comedy Extravaganza

September 23, 2023, 4 pm7 pm.

FORBIDDEN FROOTS is an inclusive queer comedy show featuring stand up, drag, game shows and more at New York’s hisoric queer venue and bar, The Stonewall Inn!

You know that feeling when you finally get to the center of your Cinnabon cinnamon bun and you pop the whole thing in your mouth and experience ultimate pleasure? That isn’t what FORBIDDEN FROOTS is, nothing can compare to that, but it’s up there!! You’ll have to experience it for yourself

Performing alongside host and creator, Steven Zakari, is this month’s FROOTY CAST featuring drag queen Lala Wiggy and comedians Remy Kassimir, Alex Kim, Kristen Becker, Veronica Garza, Micah Eames and Janice Messitte!

What are you waiting for? Sit back, enjoy a beverage, and experience the funniest frootiest fanfare the world has to offer !


53 Christopher Street
New York, NY 10014 United States