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Dining with the Don of Dough

This event has already taken place.Nov. 30, 7 – 9 pm.
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-Of the recent passing of Andrew Bellucci, restaurateur and former business partner of Andrew Bellucci, Matthew Katakis invites you for an evening of insider stories of the legend and dishes that truly represent what Andrew was all about.

As his namesake restaurant lives on, this experience will ensure that his legacy does too.

On arrival, guests will enjoy a welcome mocktail and lite bites as Matthew shares what drove Andrew through a curated playlist of music, videos and dishes that he was experimenting with prior to his passing.

In addition to stories shared by Matthew that you won’t find online, invited guests who were close to Andrew will also share the impact he had on them.

As for the dinner, guests will enjoy 5 courses featuring never-before seen dishes that Andrew was working on.

Guests will leave with a take-home bag of stickers, recipes, and a DON OF DOUGH baseball cap.


  • What drove Andrew to make his mark in the world of pizza.


  • Caesar salad

  • Meatballs app (recipe used at Lombardi’s)

  • Clams casino (2 slices)

  • Linguine w/ Clam Sauce (Andrew’s favorite)

  • The legendary Vodka-Roni pizza (2 slices)

  • Zeppole


  • 2-hour dinner

  • Stories on Andrew’s legacy

  • Curated music and video inspired by Andrew’s legacy

  • Printout and digital recipes, stickers and a baseball cap


37-08 30th Ave.
Queens, NY 11103