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Behind the Scenes: Inside Intrepid’s Island

March 30, 6:30 pm7:30 pm.

The Intrepid Museum will present a virtual live tour of Intrepid’s bridges where viewers will get an in-depth tour of the island, the tower that rises from the flight deck and served as the ship’s command center.

The Intrepid Museum’s Curator of History and Collections Jessica Williams will virtually take viewers inside the ship’s the admiral’s bridge, where an admiral commanded multiple ships. Viewers will get an up-close look at real chart tables, radar consoles and communications equipment. Then, viewers will “take the helm” on the navigation bridge and learn how crew members navigated the oceans in any weather, day or night.

Joining the tour will be Joseph Speicher, who served as an officer on board Intrepid from 1971 to 1973. He worked in the ship’s Operations Department as a Combat Information Center Watch Officer and Photo Officer.



Pier 86
New York, United States